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Android APP Setup for Realtors


Simple instructions for setup and saving the new Visual Pro Home Inspections App on your Android Phone.


1. Click on the link in your text message.

2. Click the "Update My Info" Button at the bottom of the screen.






















3. Confirm your contact information and update your photo. To Update your photo you can either take a photo of yourself or select one form your phone by choosing one from your GALLERY. In this instance I had to choose DOCUMENTS and then GALLERY.























Now Choose a Photo from  your gallery and it will upload.





















Once you have chosen one it will appear as your profile Photo





















OK, Now Lets Save the APP on your Phone (IT'S EASY)...


In the top right corner of your phone screen you will see three little dots. Click them and this will come up. Choose "ADD to Home screen"




















Now Title the app "VP Inspections" and click ADD.






















You now have The Visual Pro Home Inspections Dashboard App on your Phone. Wasn't that Easy...



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